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ADAI Circle.
High quality software factory and learning center

We provide industry ready
skills to help you be competitive in the industry

ADAI Circle provide you with the industry level skills to help you succeed in your career, whether you are graduate, school droupout or even a student who love to learn the skills that will help you find a job so quick, then we are the best place. Our program don't only focus on teaching, but also we make sure that students who have taken our courses should also be able to create opportunities for others, and even provide solution to various industries. That's why we have designed AdaiHUB.

At the Circle, we provide various services starting from software development, IT consultancy, learning programs, mentorship and entrepreneurship. We make sure that we create opportunities to our students after completing their studies. To be able to either, join our software development team, create their own ventures, or be part of the HUB that we make ready for all and open minded people who want to create impact in their communities.

Our services are:

Software Development

We deliver quality international standard software to businesses at an affordable rate.

IT Consulting

We are sharing our expertise and experience in consulting to help you improve the quality and speed of IT service delivery.


We shape your future through our various programs ranging from Hardware, Software Design and Development, Data Science and AI.

Innovation HUB

It helps people innovation ideas to come together and work closesly to create solutions that would benefit their communities.

Our Services

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We are the best technology company that provide you the greatest learning contents, the best computer hardware and software solutions using the current and state-of-the-art technologies.

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Some Facts About Us

Our Awesome Story

We are a team of engineers and scientists who are dedicated to shape the future of young people through provision of the skills in Software Development, Hardware Design, Data Science and AI. We believe that mixing technology with innovation can trigger the development of our communities, and foster job creation. Thus, reducing proverty.

IBM Workshop

December 2019
01. -

Call for code - Girls in Robotics

In December, 2019. ADAI Circle partnered with IBM Call For Code program to empower girls in Robotics. The workshop was a three days workshop of which more than 60 girls were taught Introduction to Python programming and Raspberry Pi. Girls covered various topics from python programming, and how to interface with Raspberry Pi General Purpose Input Output pins in order to control the external environment. The topics included:

  • Introduction to Python
  • Basic Electronics
  • Introduction to IoT and Embedded Systems
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Launch of our Embedded Systems Program

2020 - 2021
02. -

Embedded Systems and IoT

In April, 2020. We launched our first intake of 8 students which were taught introduction to embedded systems and internet of things, this program was a 12 months period where our students were taught how to program in C and C++, Python and Django. At the end of this class, students were able to build a smart Irrigation systems to help farmers to be able to monitor their farms from far. The system was developed and tested with various local farmers.

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Launch of ADAI Innovation Hub

August - 2022
03. -

Innovation Hub

In August of 2022, ADAI Circle launched an Innovation Hub, this was created to help to only our students but also people with innovation mindset to come together and work closesly in order to create solutions that would benefit their communities. This innovation hub is being directed and coordinated by Patrick Paul, our co-founder work closely with different partners to make sure that we provide solutions that meet international standards.

All ideas are welcomed at our innovation hub, we also welcome companies and organizations that need to transform their work environments with digital solutions

Embedded Robotics Bootcamp

December - 2021
04. -

MwanaRobo - Bootcamp

In december 2021, ADAI Circle introduced the MwanaRobo program which intend to empower girls into STEM. Through this project, we managed to run a 3 days embedded robitics bootcamp where our students were introduced to arduino microcontroller, basic programming in C and basic electronics. After the bootcamp, we divided our gils into three group name, "Girls' Shine Team", "Girl's Power Team", as well as "Robotics for Change(RFC) Team". These three team worked one problems that could solve problems in Agriculture as well as in HealthCare.

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Girls's Bootcamp Presentation

During our first MwanaRobo Bootcamp, our girls were able to build various projects that could potentially solve problems in sectors like in Agriculture and in HealthCare. The short video presents the day 2 of our Embedded Robotics bootcamp, during practical session.

Our Youtube Chanel
//How I Work

How do we Work?

Our Working Process

Our engineering team under our Innovation Hub work closely with our clients in order provide solutions that meet their business requirements, this means starting for the initial conception of the project to the final stage of the product; we make sure that we have a close communication with our clients. Here is how we work:

  • Discuss on the requirements

    Requirement Specification.

    Once a client get to us, we first start by understanding their requirements and then analyze the potential solutions before get into the actual design and development of the system.

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  • Design, develop & test

    Design Process

    Once our engineers undertand the requirements, the second step is to start with the design phase where a team of our best engineer get to design the system and find the best architecture that is suitable with your requirement. At this stage, we produce to you various documents that are important for the project.

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  • Final approvement and Deployment

    Approvement and Deployment of the system

    Once we have developed your system, we make sure that you get the time to test and approve the implement system features, we work closely with you to make sure that our engineers provide you the product that meet your business requirement. Once approved, we deploy your system and maintain it.

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Our Staff Members's Skills

Our people are top-level engineers, entrepreneurs, management advisors and have specialized in teaching, entrepreneurship and problem solving and realignment of overly complex IT solutions through finding the right strategy for solving a complex problems.


Our team background skills

Our team are coming from various background ranging from Computer Science, Engineering to Business Entrepreneurship
02. -
Computer Engineering
Information Communication Technology
Computer Science
Business Management


Our Clients Testimonials

As ADAI Circle, we are guided by the fact that our clients and beneficiaries are at the core of who we are and what we do as a tech company, below are some testimonials from the people we have worked with and people who have taken our courses.

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