About Us

Adai Circle

Africa Deep Artificial Intelligence Circle

Adai Circle was established in Dzaleka Refugee Camp – Malawi out of the heart of "We are the change that we want to see" to change the lives of people living with vulnerability. Positive change in human life is our delight. As members of Adai Circle we believe in the motto "Build For Change"

Adai Circle is a technological organization devoted to teach, empower and equip refugess and marginalized communities with skills in Hardware, Software Design and Development, Data Science, and Artificial Intelligence. We also work with surrounding villages people around the world like orphans and handicaps. Our goal is to improve technology access and economic standard of marginalized communities in order to foster development in different communities through advancement of technolgy. By so doing, we make sure that;

  • Every refugee should have access to the digital skills such as digital literacy, computer programming, and robotics for the development of our community
  • Women and men build a strong knowledge in hardware and software design to help them get a job anywhere in the world and be able to support their families.
  • Every handicap and orphan should be in school, safe and attend classes every day through our foundation.

Adai Circle is guided by the following values: Integrity, Reliability, Responsability, Transparency, Dedication, Unity.


We provide education and workspace for entrepreneurs and professional who need to get their work done.

The workspace include:

  1. Design Studio for hardware and software designer who are able to create solution and bring new innovation for the advancement of technology in Africa.

  2. Ours education services are based on the standard level of education, where by we build people from beginner to expert level in the following programs:

Digital Literacy

We give access to everyone to learn basics of computer, this package range from understanding how computer works to understanding of the how to use Microsoft 365 Office Package(Microsoft Word, Speadsheet, PowerPoint and Publisher). Student who take this class are given time to face different challenges to help them master basic knolwdege of computer.

The topics ranges from Typing, Microsoft Windows, Microsoft 365 Office to Internet.

Fundamentals of CS

In this course, we introduce Fundamentals of Computer Science, students will be introduced into basic computer programming concepts in Python, they will even go beyond the basics to some advanced concept of Object Oriented Programming. After that, they will then be introduced into some more advanced concept of Data Structures and Algorithms to help them become professional in writing programs and to be able to win any programming interview in any company in the world.

Web Development

This course is a career path course, student who have taken fudamentals of computer science can then take this course to start their career in web development. This course teaches how to design and develop a web application using Python with Django framework, and Relational Databases. Student will learn how to also integrate APIs in their web application, and after completion of this course student will be able to design, build and debug software product and send them to production using Heroku.

Girls and Kids In Technology

We advocate and give special access to women, girls and children to get into technology. This program was specifically designed to help and encourage girls to get into technolgy and be able to build technological solutions that matters.
In this course, girls will learn basic programming and robotics in Scratch and MIT App Invetor where by they can be able to design software to control their designed Robots.
After completion of this course girls are then given access to also help others into building technolgy of the future.

Embedded Robotics

In this course, student will get hands-on experience working with Arduino, Raspbery Pi and other microcontroller devices. They will even go beyond using a microcontroller like Arduino to designing their own Hardware starting with Schematic design, Printed Circuit Board design, to writing firmware for their own designed hardware. This course is specifically designed to those students who are aspired in Embedded Systems design and Robotics. And by the end of this course, student will be able to Design, Build and Debug real-time embedded systems.

ML and Data Science

Machine Learning and Data Science are the most growing field in today's world. This course is being designed to help students who are aspired in applying Machine Learning to solve complicated problems. This course covers different topics from Data Science to Machine Learning; it starts with Data Analysis libraries to ML algorithms like Linear Regression, Logistic Regression, Neural Network, Support Vector Machine, K-Mean Clustering etc. After completion of this course, student will be able to design and apply ML algortihm in Computer Vision and Natural Language Processing.